Funfoods Green Chilli Sauce 200 Gm

With the spiciness of green chilli, this sause adda a fiery punch to chinese dishes.

Funfoods Red Chilli Sauce 220 Gm

This red chilli sauce is well balanced fusion of sweet and spicy notes off with a gingery tinge.

Funfoods Soya Sauce 210 Gm

Soya sauce is one of the most vital ingredients in chinese cuisine. Without containing syntetheic colours or flavours, it has the natural taste-enhancing character of ...

Rs. 45.00

Funfoods Soya Sauce 210 Gm


Funfoods Spicy Vinegar 190 Gm

The spiciness of a fresh green chilli diffusing its heat into sharp vinegar makes this spicy vinegar a unique fusion of spicy and sour notes. Serve it with chinese an ...